Small, Medium and Large …


Some of you may already know that Island Dolphin Care depends on donations in order to provide the best care for our dolphins, & to provide scholarships to children with disabilities, veterans wounded in combat and their families.

The Miami Dolphins have been a partner of ours for many years. This year their donation of $10,000 will bring many Children with cancer for one day camps! We are so grateful and appreciative to them for their continued support to our programs and dolphins!dolphins-2013-logo

When the Dolphins brought their donation, a few players also came to swim with the children.

While in the water, we decided to hold a large check above our heads and take a photo with the children, our dolphins and Miami Dolphins Players. Everyone was excited with this idea. The Players were wearing Island Dolphin Care rash guards for the photo op. I was next to them in the water looked over to my side and found myself gazing at the distorted Island Dolphin Care logo!!

“WOW” I said out loud, “I’ve never seen anything like this before…You are so BIG …I mean really BiG that the Logo on the rash guard is totally distorted!! “ (Everyone was laughing).

Have you ever stood next to a Miami Dolphin?! Let me tell you that they are BIG people! Just take a look at the photo below, you will understand why I call this a lesson in SMALL MEDIUM & LARGE!


While in the lobby just before departure we were all thanking the players and saying goodbye.

An adorable family walked in with a baby in their arms. The mother immediately recognized the players and asked if she could take a photo and have one of us hold the baby. Of course we did. Then I said “This is a terrific lesson for the children in the program. Can we use this photo to teach the difference between small, medium, and large?!”


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