About our Therapy Programs


Every day at Island Dolphin Care trained and licensed therapists assist participants and their families with a variety of health and disabling conditions. Individualized programs are provided both in the warm ocean waters with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, and on land in our therapy rooms.

The facility is fully accessible making it easy and inviting to explore the aquariums, and  exhibits. Island Dolphin Care is a special place that is designed for EVERYONE. It is a place of possibility that provides laughter , and hope all while igniting a spark of courage…… an experience most people dream about.

Therapists utilize proven therapeutic methods and the newest assisted technologies  designed to assist with sensory integration, fine and gross motor skills, language, communication, self-esteem and organizational skills. When combined with the joyful experience of being with dolphins participants find a dose of motivation, and new tools that help them reach their greatest potential.

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