Alternatives to the 5 Day Program

Island Dolphin Care Day Programs – Alternatives to 5 Day Program

*All programs subject to availability. Contact us at
305-451-5884 to check availability, including weekends.

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Individual Therapy Program:  20 minute therapeutic structured swim with a dolphin for 1 person with special needs from a private dock.  Family members may sit on and participate from the dock. Individual will work with a therapist towards a therapeutic goal during swim.

$300 per swim


Play with a Dolphin from the Dock: Sit on the floating dock in the lagoon* and complete 5 activities with a dolphin (includes getting a kiss, rubbing a dolphin’s belly, rubbing a dolphin’s back, shaking hands with a dolphin and getting a present from the dolphin). Includes a customized bookmark with your dolphin present. *Not an in-water program.

$100 per person


Additional Options & Add-Ons:

Classroom Session:  30 minute therapeutic classroom session for an individual with special needs and his/her family.  Work with an IDC therapist to learn how to  help your child work towards his/her goals and objectives in a fun and motivating way.  Each child will have the opportunity to create a personalized art project.

$200 per class session

Natural Swim:  30 minute natural swim for 1 person with special needs and up to 5 additional family members (immediate family only).

$800 per swim

Photo USB:  USB drive of photos taken during your swim or class session. Subject to

Availability. $60 per USB

Acupuncture, Massage, Assistive Technology Workshop (AAC)& Nutrition

Consultations:  Additional therapy services available.  Please ask about availability and


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