5 Day Program Application


Program Acceptance Criteria & Application

Please read the 5 Day Program description and these criteria for acceptance prior to completing the application. This will insure that you understand the philosophies of Island Dolphin Care and our program completely.

We request a great deal of information from you so that we can offer to you the safest and best program possible. Once we receive the information, we will contact you should our staff have any questions and to schedule your visit.


Criteria for Acceptance (Please review the below information carefully to make sure the individual is a good fit for our program before completing the application):

·         The participant must be three years of age or older.

·         No open wounds are allowed.

·         The participant must not have a fear of animals, water, or strangers.

·         The participant must not display aggressiveness (i.e., biting, pinching, hitting or agitation). These actions could be harmful to the child, therapist, trainer and the dolphins.

·         Participants with limited head control will be evaluated on an individual basis- please send a detailed video so that the therapy team can determine the safety of providing programs in deep water.

·         The participant must be able to wear a flotation vest and/or device, and accept being held by a therapist while in the water.

·         Participants having seizure disorders will be evaluated on an individual basis. The application must include a doctor’s note stating it is safe for the participant to swim in deep water.

·         It is helpful to include in your application any recent medical, psychological, or school reports (in English).

·         Participants that are not toilet trained MUST wear protective pants/swim diapers during all water sessions.

·         Non-English speaking clients – Island Dolphin Care makes every attempt possible to provide translators; however in the event that we do not have proper translators, the family must provide translation for the child.


Video (Must be submitted in addition to the paper application):

·         A short 5-10 minute video of the participant is required. Reservations are not confirmed until the video is received. The video should show the participant interacting with family, teachers, friends etc. The video will help us design the individualized program for the child.  You may use online services such as youtube, dropbox or a large file sending site to get the video to us.  Or, using a smart phone, you are welcome to email a few short (1-2 minutes) videos.  The maximum file size our mail server allows is 30MB. Please call 305-451-5884 is you have any issues with sending and we would be happy to help.




Scholarship Opportunities
Island Dolphin Care actively works to raise funds to provide financial assistance to clients and their families. In order to apply for assistance we ask for two letters from professionals (on letterhead) stating that your family would need funding in order to make this experience possible. We also ask for a letter from you detailing how much your family would comfortably be able to contribute towards program costs. We are asking families to donate something towards this opportunity whether it be a cash donation or a good/service we can utilize in our yearly fundraiser.

**Note: The therapy team will only review your reservation request once they have received all of the following:

·  Completed IDC Application (required)

·  Short Video (required)

·  Completed Scholarship Request Form & 3 Supporting Letters (required if applying for scholarship assistance)

·  Recent Doctor’s/Therapy reports (optional)

Click Here to Download Application

For German applicants:

Sollte es für Sie absolut nicht möglich sein, die Bewerbung in Englisch auszufüllen, wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an uns.


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