Baby Dalai is Growing Up So Fast!

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dalaiHave you ever wondered how a baby dolphin spends its day?

I’ve been outside watching our new baby, Dalai, as much as I can! What a wondrous gift to have this experience.

Tucked under her mother, Squirt, our little Dalai explores every inch of the lagoon. It appears that Squirt is teaching her all that she needs to know.

The other evening when I was leaving the facility, I noticed that Dalai and Squirt were facing the coral rock wall rostrums side by side. I was sure that Squirt was teaching her how to fish on her own already!

Squirt is a calm and confident mom. She has allowed Dalai to begin to explore some things on her own. Dalai ventures off for a moment while Squirt multitasks, but Squirt always has her eyes on where her baby is. Dalai has begun to seem interested in the other dolphins in the lagoon as well. She has swam off with her daddy, Bob, and has been seen with Sarah and Bella too.

I wondered if Squirt was taking break when I saw Dalai swimming with her dad, Bella and Sarah.

Mom dolphins have a big job taking care of their babies – just like humans do. Just like human babies develop skills to pick up their head, roll over, sit up, etc., dolphins have a natural course of development, too.

Yesterday, Dalai barrel rolled in front of where I was standing! Baby dolphins grow so fast.
It is curious, adorable and fascinating to watch our dolphin family grow… and it is an honor to be one of their humans.

I hope you can come visit Island Dolphin Care soon and meet Dalai while she is still so small. If you can’t come by, take a look at the Island Dolphin Care webcam – maybe you will catch sight of her swimming swiftly in front of the camera as she is always on the run and up to something very fun!
Want to know more about how Island Dolphin Care was founded? Order a copy of Breaths That Count by Deena Hoagland (available on amazon).

Want to know how you can help us continue our great work? Perhaps you will consider making a donation whether it is small or large every bit helps to help us make a difference!

Our annual auction fundraiser is November 15th at Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill. Tickets are on sale now. If you are interested in helping, donating or attending, call Kathy at (305) 451-5884.

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  1. emmy Ligeikis says:

    How Beautiful!!! Island Dolphin Care is such a beautiful place. And I am so lucky that have had the privilege of seeing this dolphin family grow. Many blessings to all of you.

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