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A Tribute to Fonzie, 1976 – March 11, 2004


Beautiful and full of fun, Squirt is a motherly dolphin who loves people and is extremely gentle. It is often said when describing ‘Squirt’ that she would be the Mother Theresa of dolphins. She has three small notches on her dorsal fin, a short rostrum, and an interesting flap of extra skin in the middle of her fluke.  Squirt is approximately 7.5 feet long & 550 lbs. Squirt gave birth to her first calf Fiji (male), on June 25, 2004. She then gave birth to Lotus (female), on August 27, 2008, Tashi (male) on August 13, 2011, and Dalai (female) on September 2, 2014.


Our ‘Gucci girl’ is a beautiful, curious and very intelligent dolphin. Sarah always enjoys new and different activities. She loves working in the therapy program and especially loves to cuddle, snuggle and be close to people. Sarah is a “princess” dolphin, and she knows it! She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and how to get it. Sarah’s beauty is captivating. She is also the proud mother of two daughters, Bella and Grace. Depending on which way you look she has a backward or forward “C” at the top of her dorsal fin.


Born November 3, 2000, Bella is the Daughter of Sarah and Fonzie. Bella is the only daughter of Fonzie. Bella loves to get into mischief, but gives 110% in everything she is involved in. Bella enjoys being competitive, and is very proud of her accomplishments. She likes to jump the highest, swim the fastest and talk the loudest. Bella’s rostrum is a little crooked. Her unique pink coloration makes her stand out from the crowd, but don’t let the pink fool you; she is a definite tomboy.


Born on June 25, 2004, Fiji is always curious about his environment. He loves playing with sea beans, and is often found ‘singing’ and vocalizing early in the morning. Fiji shows great interest in people & the therapy programs. Fiji is the son of Fonzie and Squirt and, now that he is getting older, Fiji is looking and acting much like his father. Fiji has a small white round dot on the right side & at the top of his dorsal fin. He and Bella, his half-sister, look so much alike that sometimes staff cannot even tell them apart. Distinguishing them apart are Bella’s beautiful eyes – they look as if she is wearing pink eye shadow. Bella also has a definitive white stripe down her side and a crooked rostrum.


A female Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, Grace was born on July 11, 2008. She is the daughter of Sarah and LB. This precocious dolphin began eating fish at the dock and interacting with people at six months old. Grace will observe the other dolphins and then be observed imitating them.  Like her mother, Grace is beautiful. She is muscular, yet has petite features. Grace also has a white round marking on the top of her rostrum.


A female Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, Lotus was born on August 27, 2008 and is the daughter of Squirt and Bob. She has one sister, Dalai, one brother, Tashi, and one half-brother, Fiji.  She is extremely playful and curious. At only five months old, Lotus was already popping up at the dock for fish and showing interest in everything the other dolphins were doing. Even though she & Grace are just one month apart in age, they are very different from one another. Lotus is as graceful as a ballerina unlike Grace who is a tomboy. Lotus is also excited to try to do everything right away, and will not attempt to show us that she knows how to do something until she can do it perfectly. She has been seen practicing by the security staff in the evening. When not mischievous, Lotus takes after her mom and can be snuggly just like a “little Mother Theresa of dolphins!”


A male Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, Tashi was born on August 13, 2012 and is the son of Squirt and Bob. He is extremely intelligent and loves meeting and interacting with people. At five months he showed interest in helping out in all of the therapy programs. Because of his brilliance, Tashi is often referred to as the dolphin version of “Albert Einstein “.


Dalai is the youngest of Squirt’s children. Born on September 2, 2014. Dalai takes advantage of every opportunity to be mischeivous. Just like in our human families the youngest child can usually get away with things that the older siblings can’t because the youngest are so cute! Dalai learns quickly because she has many siblings in the pool that she imitates. She is growing so fast and is already the same size as her older brother Tashi.


Honey was rescued from a shelter in Miami. Since 2008, she has been a member of “Love on a Leash”, a foundation for pet therapy & she is a Certified Therapy Dog. Honey loves to participate in classroom sessions, and many of the programs at Island Dolphin Care.











A little boy (only 13 pounds) Ace was rescued/adopted in August 2015. At the time he was estimated to be six months old. He had been found walking the streets of Miami. He was without a microchip, collar or identification. Ace is not a trained therapy dog, although having him around is therapeutic for all of the staff. At age two Ace developed a seizure disorder. He takes medications just like many of the participants that come toIsland Dolphin Care.

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