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Over the years, Island Dolphin Care has been profiled in both national and international media.

Island Dolphin Care has been featured on the Today Show (NBC), Primetime Live (ABC), ESPN, CBS 4 Miami, Frontrunners (KOMO television), King Television, WAMI (The Times), Discovery Channel USA and Canada, ANIMAL PLANET, CNN, Nation Geographic Today, Marcom Japanese Television, Oxygen Network, ABC Discovery Health, and participated in numerous international documentaries about its work and experiences with dolphin-assisted therapy and children.

Articles about Island Dolphin Care have appeared in numerous publications including:

September 2017
ABC News:  Florida Couple Braves Hurricane Irma to care for dolphins

January 2016
Miami Herald
Every morning, this Army veteran wakes up with no memory of the day before

May 2013
Doctors perform breakthrough dolphin surgery

October 2012
Turning Point on BYUtv

July 2012
Cancer Survivors and Patients Swim with the Dolphins

May 2011
Thrive Children’s Hospital Boston’s Health Blog
Our patients’ stories: Looking towards the future of Angelman syndrome

Spring 2011
Sences working Overtime

December 2009
Cerebral Palsy Magazine
A Place of Grace

September 2008
Parents Magazine
Creature Comforts

September 2008
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Assistive Technology and Dolphin Therapy: A Wonderful Combination

January 2008
Scuba News
Dolphin Experience in Key Largo

April 2007
Quest Magazine
Water Adventures

April 2007
Southern Living Magazine
Water Wonder

Spring 2006
University of Denver Magazine
The Dolphin Cure

March 2006
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Lessons Taught Become Lessons Learned

March 2005
Spot On
Dolphin Docs

March 2005
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Island Dolphin Care

November 2004
The Miami Herald
Returning Smiles to Children’s Faces

October/November 2004
Spectrum Magazine
Finned Friends

October 2004
TIME for Kids Magazine
Animals at Work

November 2003
South Florida Parenting
Help From the Animals

March 2003
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Dolphin Magic – Page 80

September 2001
Person Magazine: Japan

Thank you, Fonzie Atsuko Otsuka, Book

April 2001
Good Housekeeping Magazine
A Boy, A Dolphin, and A Miracle – Page 128

October 2000
National Geographic Magazine
Amazing Animals

July/August 2000
In Motion Magazine
Happiness is Swimming With Dolphins

December 1999
Auf einen Blick
Mein Freund, Der Delfine

October 1999
Parade Magazine
These Dolphins Help Families Heal

February 1999
Miami Herald
Dolphins Therapy Gives Ill Kids a Boost

November 1998
Chronicle of Philanthropy
Faces of Philanthropy

March 1998
Exceptional Parent Magazine – Cover story
Dolphin Discovery by Jeffery O’Hare

October 1997
The Advocate
Cory’s Story

March 1995
Advance Magazine, Physical Therapy Journal
Watery Mammals Detect Illness and Injury
Author: John Murphy

November 1991
Parade Magazine
The Dolphins Didn’t Let Him Down
Staff Reported: Marcia Cohen











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