5 Day Dolphin Program

Our 5-Day program is designed for families with a child or adult with a special need or illness. Each day participants work and play one-on-one with a trained therapist in the water with dolphins and in our traditional therapy rooms. The IDC therapy team reviews each application thoroughly to recommend a program based on safety as well as the ability, medical condition and size of each participant. Sessions are individualized to meet each family and participant’s needs and strengths. IDC can assist families in finding hotel accommodations in the Key Largo area.

Island Dolphin Care, Inc. is a recreational , motivational and educational program that is therapeutic. This is not a medical treatment and our dolphins do not provide miracle cures or change a medical diagnosis. Island Dolphin Care therapists utilize traditional methods and therapeutic techniques to assist all participants towards meeting their individual goals. Animal assisted therapies provide fun and motivation.

Our five day program can provide increased self-esteem, increased attention, increased commitment to and trust of others, as well as the confidence and motivation needed to continue therapies once back home .

The 5 day program is limited to eight families each week. The cost is $2,200. Reservations are required.  Financial assistance may be available, based on proven financial need.  Generous support & donations to IDC  makes everything we accomplish possible. All donations to IDC are tax-deductible. 

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IDC Therapists are trained and certified professionals in special education, recreational therapy and psychotherapy. IDC has the latest assistive technology devices which can be useful for opening new avenues of communication. If participants are interested in additional traditional or alternative therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage, pilates, yoga, craniosacral therapy….) during their stay in Key Largo, IDC has relationships with local practitioners that you can be referred to.



Fonzie’s Backyard Touch Tank Program

Everyone is welcome to investigate some of the smaller creatures that inhabit the waters of South Florida at our accessible touch tank. The touch tank provides equal access to everyone.



In the Island Dolphin Care Fonzitorium, visitors can explore 8 different marine environments. Visitors learn about seahorses, watch Moray eels eat, and experience the beauty of a coral reef through our aquatic habitats. Interactive displays provide a tactile and educational experience for everyone. A specially designed bed allows for individuals confined to wheelchairs opportunities to relax in front of a coral reef environment.

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