5 Day Program Information & Application

Interested in Joining us for the experience of your lifetime?

contact us at 305-451-5884 or email us at contact@islanddolphincare.org 

We are here to help you !


There is no age limit to participate as long as the participant can be held safely in deep water by an Island Dolphin Care therapist. 

Fear of animals, deep water, swimming, or stranger anxiety will often increase anxiety. People can adjust and improve if given time to do so. In this case, we suggest you participate for more than one 5 day program consecutively.


This program is not appropriate for participants that bite, pinch, hit, themselves or others. Your safety as well as the safety for the animals, and staff are always our primary concern.

Individuals with limited head control will be evaluated on an individual basis – we will suggest you send us a short video so that the therapy team can determine the safety of providing programs in deep water.

Click Here to Download Application

For German applicants:

Sollte es für Sie absolut nicht möglich sein, die Bewerbung in Englisch auszufüllen, wenden Sie sich bitte per Email an uns.


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