Veteran Program

In 2009, Island Dolphin Care created a therapeutic experience for men and women that have been wounded while serving in the military. Through the IDC Veteran Program, our therapy staff helps those that have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars to have the opportunity to relax and play with our special dolphins in a safe and supportive environment. The groups come from all over the country, including Texas, Kentucky and Florida.

The Veteran Program at IDC is tailored to meet the needs and goals of each group. In addition to learning about and swimming with the dolphins, the program may include an artistic relaxation session, a barbeque lunch with our staff, and a visit to Fonzie’s backyard. Fonzie’s backyard is a touch tank with local marine life. IDC customizes each group to accommodate the special needs of that group. Groups can consist of family members, caretakers , or soldiers only . To find out more about this program and how we can help you please call or write us! We can’t wait to share this special experience with you!

*** this program is geared for groups of 12 participants. For more information, or to schedule a group, please contact Mallorie Parsons, CTRS, at

Please click on the following links to view Thank You Letters

“Thank You Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs Chief of Recreation Therapy”

“Thank You Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs Physical Therapy”

“Thank You Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs Social Work”

“Thank You Letter from Veterans Link Up”

“Being a person in a wheelchair, I never thought it would be possible to do what I did. I never imagined that I would be able to be pulled through the water by a dolphin, or splash water back and forth as we cackled at each other. It was such an amazing experience that all my troubles and my disability disappeared while I was in the water.”

“What a fantastic time at your center, your facility exemplifies health and healing!”

“The dedication of the entire IDC staff shown through during our visit, and I hope, pray, that your work with dolphins and their ‘connection’ with the disabled and ill people will continue, because it is truly something special!”

“Thank you all for everything, you guys were all very professional and courteous! My expectations were exceeded by a lot. I hope you continue doing things like this for all because it really gave me a sense of peace I never thought I would get. Plus, even with all of my injuries I still was extremely comfortable.”

“Recently my family and I participated in your terrific therapeutic sessions of swimming with the dolphins. We definitely needed some time to ourselves. I believe only a few really understand the strain of having a loved one go away to war. The worst part of all is having a loved one return with a disability due to combat injuries. Your organization at first glance, seemed unorthodox but as I got involved in the activities and saw the expressions on my children’s faces; to have them finally participate in an activity with me rather than for me was priceless.”

“I saw my soldiers open up more than ever! PTSD is a very hard disability to deal with and part of this is a lack of emotion. The program helped bring out my troops! THANK YOU!”

“I have taken veterans a few times to your center and every time I am amazed on how the mood and affects drastically improve after coming out to IDC, even weeks after, they continue to talk about it to the staff at the hospital and even other veterans, expressing on (how) amazing this experience is, and further how wonderful the staff is. I am truly privileged to bear witness to this as well as being able to work with such an amazing program that is provided by IDC.”

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